Project HAB is a go!

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A few years ago I stumbled across a video of a guy and his son launching an iPhone into space and capturing pretty neat video as the iPhone ascended into near-space. As a math instructor, I thought this would be a great project for a Differential Equations class. With the ever evolving improvement of technology, I also thought a more recent launch may provide better quality images and video than from three or four years ago. This current spring of 2014, everything is finally converging together to make this project happen.

First, I have a small DE class this semester (about 11 guys) many of whom I had previously for other calculus classes. And second, we were able to get generous funding from the Midlands Technical College Foundation to purchase all of the necessary equipment.

With funding secure and a capable team to develop the apparatus, we are now ready to research, design, and launch this weather balloon into space. If we can successfully recover the payload, hopefully we will have some very nice images and HD video from 100,000+ feet above the earth (approx. 19 miles!) in a band of the atmosphere often called ‘near-space’.

We hope you will keep up with our progress on this site. If you are starting a HAB group at your school, feel free to ask any questions about our project!

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