Our Differential Equations math class at Midlands Technical College launched a high altitude weather balloon (HAB) with a GoPro camera attached to the bottom inside on an insulated box. The balloon was launched from our Northeast Campus in NE Columbia, SC and landed about 45 miles away in Sumter, SC. The team was able to retrieve the payload using a GPS transmitter in the box which transmitted its location every 5 minutes where we could follow its path online. The balloon reached heights of around 100,000 feet, temperatures of -70 degrees F, and speeds of 70mph during its decent. This site has most every detail of our project – from planning, funding, design, setup, launch, and retrieval.

Watch our edited video below, or click on a particular link of interest listed below the video. If you have any questions about our project you can comment and myself or one of my students will try to reply – or you can use the contact form link at the top of the page. Enjoy!

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